Saturday, 20 March 2010

20/03/10 - Spring Equinox Itinerary

Vintage postcard courtesy of
Sunrise: 6:04am
Sunset: 6:13pm

Sunrise. We will beat the boundaries of Parson's Wood and watch the sunrise (or not - forecast is soggy) from the Old Road. Followed by an early Easter-breakfast at Johnny's: hot cross buns, anchovies, hard boiled eggs.

Late morning. Back across the iron bridge and along the valley to the spring-fed well. There we plan on decorating a Clootie tree.

Lunch and an afternoon making our secular spring-time Stations of the Wood.

Back out at dusk to hang the Stations and walk the wood. Dinner and poetry reading. We were thinking perhaps T. S. Elliot's Four Quartets - but now we have been reminded how long it is, doubts are setting in. Would reading just 1 Quartet be cheating? A pot-luck stew (we're all bringing something for the pot) and chocolate Easter eggs are also on the menu. Hoping this will give us the stamina we need...