Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Four Quarters Exhibition Notes

The exhibition is now over. Rebecca, Johnny and I have returned to our respective homes and the little shop we called our own for two weeks is empty again. The Mayfield Fringe has also come to a close and the village is quiet once more.

We three Quarters had fun though, during our two week occupation, meeting initially on the evening of 4th May to cover the walls and find a home for our work:

Johnny read from Eliot's 'Four Quartets':

while Rebecca hunted for scanned pages from her journal:

and I relaxed:

Over the next two days the show took shape:

On Wednesday 11th we held the Red Read, an evening of stories and poems on the subject of Little Red Riding Hood:

and Sauvage the dog found her inner wolf:

On Saturday 21st, we closed the show with 'Tea and Scones with Eliot', a group reading of 'Four Quartets'. It turned out to be a truly Anglo-American affair, with seven Americans among the twenty-one strong gathering. I loved listening to the changes in voice and accent as the poem was passed around.

We were also lucky enough to have T S Eliot's dinner jacket with us:

And finally here we are in photograph taken by Rebecca's friend Cuyler just before the show ended:

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